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About Us - Zhoushan Tanso Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.

Who Are we
ZhouShan Tanso Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial application tools established in 1990.
We provide injection molding, extrusion and rubber with quality products such as screws, barrels and mould. We promise to continuously devote our time and professionalism into the development of out products thus creating a greater value for out clients.

Service Team
TANSO has won the recognition and appreciation from all our clients for our after sale services. At TANSO, we not only focus on the quality of our products but also the proper usage of it. Our inhouse customer care team follows up periodictly with you to assure the machinaries are being utilized properly to maximize the value of the product and prolong it's lifespan. When a technical issue is occured, at a timely manner, our team will teach out to you to provide professional trouble shooting needs.
1. technical suppert, according to the different products, we find you the most suitable solution
2. provide professional input on the choice of tools
3. trouble shooting and target core issue to assure top quality outcome

Tanso own the most advanced manufacturing facility and up-to-date processing equipment to meet the exact technical requirements of each products. Our facility is certified by ISO9002