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The bimetallic barrel is a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-humidity alloy cast on the inner wall of the barrel with a layer of 2-3mm. Its effective service life is greatly improved compared to ordinary nitride barrels. , PPO special types of plastics, etc., the superiority of bimetal is particularly obvious. We can use different alloys and welding methods for screws with different functions.

Physical Characteristics Of Bimetallic
Characteristics Alloy Hardening ( Hrc ) Base Material
Abrasion Resistance Fe+Ni+Cr+B 58-64 45/40Cr
Anti- Corrosion Ni+Cr+Co+B 50-58 45/40Cr
Abrasion Resistance And Anti-corrosion Ni+Cr+Co+Fe+B 56-64 45/40Cr
High Abras On- Resistance And Anti- Corrosion Ni+Cr+Wc+Co+B 58-67 45/40Cr

Bimetallic screw technology data

Scerew Materal Tenssile Strength (Kgf/mm2) Elastic coefficient (Kgf/mm) Extension(%) Fatigue Limit(Kgf/mm) Hargness Hv
38CrMoALA(SACM645) 90 19000 14 30.2 950~1020
Alloy materal Tenssile Strength (Kgf/mm2) Elastic coefficient (Kgf/mm) Extension(%) Fatigue Limit(Kgf/mm) Hargness Hv
Stellite alloy 90 19000 2.5 - 58~65

Technical Targets
Depth of nitration case:0.5-0.8mm
Hardness of nitration:950-1 020HV
Fragility of nitration:Less than grade1
Roughness of the surface:Ra0.4un
Hardness of double alloys:HRC55- -62
Depth of double alloys:》2mm


Applied tange for plastic:engineering plastic such asABS,PP,PE , PA66,LCP, PA+GF,PET+GF, PBT+GF,PC+GF.
Processing capacity:screw diameter from 15mm to 350mm,max length 8000mm.
The roughness of surface:0.4
The strainghtness of screw:0.01 5mm/M

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MIM Powder Metallurgy

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Basic Parameters of Screws    

Parameters needing attentions when selecting screws

Classification and Application of Screws

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Tanso own the most advanced manufacturing facility and up-to-date processing equipment to meet the exact technical requirements of each products. Our facility is certified by ISO9002

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